Rústico is a collective journey that reflects on the influences and traditions of our territories, an artistic vision of Latin American criollo and its relationship with the land.
History is born from the landscape and its inhabitants deepening human relationships.
A modern circus narrative with traditional roots and an honest and simple staging that unfolds with different scenic languages.

Art direction:
Leandro Mendoza

Music direction:
Nacho López

Acrobatic direction:
Guga Carvalho

Idea, creation and dramaturgy:
Lu Menin, Pablo Nordio i Leandro Mendoza

Lu Menin i Pablo Nordio

Leandro Mendoza i Dodô Giovanetti

Gustavo Bento de Souza
Guillermo Gómez
Jaume Fité
Tanja Haupt

Technical structure design:
Ulrich Weigel

Technics direction:
Pablo Nordio

Costume design:
Daniela Garcia

Graphic design:

Paulo Barbuto

Scenography technics:
Dodô Giovanetti

Vocal consultant:
Ju Cassou

Norma Rodrigues

Text revision:
Bianca Santos

Cíclcicus production:
Gebra Serra

Barnabó producction:
Cristiani Zonzini

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