Three artists and a common space. A space that design, assemble and live in front of the public.

Everyone lives the present from their own eyes. They enjoy and know their differences, reflect and mark a new story.
A collective and personal look of life and the relationships that accompany us.

“Rodada” is a random drawing of three ephemeral artists that come together in choral and personal movements and situations.

Three characters and a wooden structure draw movements, encounters, sounds and individualities.

A circus show for all audiences that raises how to relate to us from what we really are. With beautiful circus abilities, original musicals and unexpected dances, our characters open the door to their peculiarities in a dynamic and poetic scenic proposal.

Leandro Mendoza

Iara Gueller
Sergio López
Tanja Haupt

Music conductor:
Nacho López

Ulrich Weigel

Gebra Serra

Jessi Pérez

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