Our team of professionals in the areas of creativity and management work hard to ensure excellence and guarantee  the emotional involvement of the audience.

Tailormade projects

A circus performance provokes intense emotional moments in the audience.

Our understanding of art as a whole circus, music, staging, creating characters, lighting and playwriting is based upon symbolic aesthetics with strong links to nature and earth. We share a profound admiration for the human capacity for harmony, seen from the or a circus and acting angle.

Together with our team we offer our services to create (cultural events) either public or private cultural events

Programme Planning

Currently Ciclicus with Leandro Mendoza and the company’s management team are in charge of the artistic direction of Festival Trapezi, Fira del circ de Catalunya.

As mentioned above, our artistic and management structures allow us to take responsibility for programme planning, to develop ideas and projects, either for public institutions or private companies.

Main artistic areas:

Handmade Tailor show


Artistic Direction



Construction of Circus Appliances

Costumes & Characterization

Management & Production


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