Towards the end of 2008 Tanja Haupt and Leandro Mendoza founded the Cíclicus company to set their creative project in motion. Tanja’s expressive skills as a musician and Leandro’s as a circus artist blended together with a clear goal in mind: to reflect artistic and human development on an eclectic artistic performance.

Ever since that moment our strong desire to share stories, emotions and art forms have led us to dream and surprise. Our initial project has evolved by taking up new challenges: more actors, other formats and new narrative strucutures. All of them are always the outcome of team work.

The Cíclicus company comprises a range of different professional people. Some of them are ring artists and others are responsible for management, distribution, costumes and light and sound.


Leandro Mendoza is a director, artist, technician and circus designer. He began his training in the Escuela de Circo Criollo de los Hermanos Videla de Buenos Aires and later took specific courses on classical circus from well-known teachers and artists as Pablito Ortaines, Mario Pérez and José Machete.

He moved to Catalonia and began performing in street entertainment shows in 1998. At that time, he joined the teaching staff of the Escuela Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona and continued training as an acrobat.

His most important teachers in Catalonia have been Joan Armengol i Moliner, Vicente Espinosa and Joan Busquets Portera.

He has taken part in various shows as a circus artist, especially as a juggler , acrobat and acrobat cyclist. Among these shows we can mention:  “Tiempo de Circo “, “Clan Babel “, “La historia de un soldado“, “Sonidos de Circo “ and “Juegos con Mazas “.

In 2001, he started the Curtcirckit Festival in the village of Montgat and throughout ten seasons shared its artistic management with José Antonio Hernández “Joselito”. In 2002 he contributed in the creation of the Cortocirquito Company. ”Los tontos en tiempo de circo“ show is created and with it he goes on national and international tours for 4 years with over 100 performances.

Ley_caballo (1)

For a period of 3 years he works and settles in a residence for circus companies called La Vela located in the village of Vilanova i La Geltrú. During his stay there he creates jointly with Bienve Moya the Christmas Circus .

He became a member of the board of the APCC (Association of Circus Professional People) when the Culture Department of the Generalitat (Catalonia’s autonomous government) implemented a Comprehensive Plan for circus activities between 2007 and 2011.

In 2009, he created together with Tanja Haupt the Ciclius Company that would produce the show “Ciclicus directed by Joan Busquets. This show was performed in festivals, theatres, squares and schools with over 100 performances.

Between 2011-2012 he became artistic director of La Central del Circo. A factory of creativity which was founded by Barcelona’s Cityhall and managed by the APCC. His tasks included designing and selecting the programmes for circus artists in creative residences, programming training courses and supervising laboratories of creativity.

He has also played an important role linking artists and little known companies with the cultural sector in Catalonia, or with European circus cooperation networks and potential exhibitors such as: TNC (Catalonia’s National Theatre), Mercat de Les Flors, The Grec Festival, and various international festivals held in Brazil, Argentina, France and the U.K. etc.

His latest works include the artistic direction of the show “Retalls”. This show was coproduced with the Grec Festival of Barcelona in July and was given an excellent review.

He took over the artistic direction of the International Cabaret of the Mercé   2013 which featured eleven artists who came from Japan, the U.S.A., Germany and Canada.

He has also acted as advisor of circus movements in the play “Baile de Títeres” directed by Ramón Simó. This play was produced and shown in the TNC from December 25, 2012 to January 22, 2013.

Later with the Ciclicus Company he created and directed the street show

“La Tartana” which was released in the Muestra de Teatro de Calle de Igualada in 2014.

In 2015, the Festival Grec of Barcelona commissioned a show in co-production with the Buenos Aires Polo Circo festival and the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Buenos Aires, thus creating “Pals”, the work obtains the special prize of the Zirkolika jury. In 2016 he will direct “El Guadual” circus of natural fibers, in Ecuador, at the Teatro Sánchez Aguilar, work for which he will also be awarded with the Ciutat de Barcelona prize of Circus 2016. In 2017, continuing with the company’s productive activity in the festivities of La Mercè the show “La petita història d’un gran paisatge”. He is currently working as a circus advisor at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona under the direction of Ramon Simó in the production of the work “Un somriure a peu d’escala” by Henry Miller.

He is currently the Artistic director of the Trapezi circus festival, since the 2017 edition.


Artist and multi-instrument musician with over 20 years experience on stage.

She plays the chromatic accordion,diatonic accordion, high-tenor soprano saxophone and bamboo,tuned bells,bass drum bycicle, hurdy- gurdy, futujara, tuned glasses and music saw among others.

From 1997 onwards she took part in various circus theatre music shows such as The Magic Flute (Berlín 1997-98) , Circo Roncalli (Germany 1997), Circo Kran (1997-2000, Switzerland European tour) and Dinner Spectacle (1999-2001, Switzerland).

Once in Catalonia, she took part in the show Casaboja (2000-2001) and during 2005-2007 she participated in a show with Els Comediants that toured all over Spain. She also took part in the Circo Klezmer show, which toured  Europe between 2004-2012 and SES Altíssimas as from 2011.   

Alongside these performances she has participated in various shows with music bands as Los Circonautas, La Karaoke Band and O Jarbanzo Negro.

She took part in the Festival of Montgat (2009-2012) with the Circonautas band and in the Festival Amor a l’Hart (2013, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat)  among others.

She cofounded the Ciclicus Company in 2009. She has travelled many miles with the shows Cíclicus and La Tartana and is currently engaged with its director in the show Pals.